Shopify Dropshipping Accounting Q&A (LTD Companies, Taxes, VAT, Dividends) For UK Companies

Chances are that as you start to build your dropshipping business, you're probably going to have some of these common questions...

  • Should I register a LTD company or operate as a sole trader?
  • Should I register for VAT from the beginning or wait and which scheme should I be on?
  • Which company address should I use?
  • How do I manage my bookkeeping?
  • How much personal and corporation tax do I need to pay?

If any of these questions ring true, don't fret...

I've got you covered.

After hearing these questions raised in our community by the Dropship Unlocked members, I decided to sit down with Ben Sztejka, the founder of YourEcommerceAccountant to ask these questions directly to an expert.

Check out this UK dropshipping accounting training I filmed.

This is specifically for you if you're in the UK and looking to run a dropshipping business but have questions about taxes, VAT, LTD companies, dividends and more...

I hope you enjoy this one and get lots of value from our discussion.

If you wanted to reach out to Ben directly then you can email him at: [email protected]

Ben also made an exclusive offer just for our community, so watch until the end to learn how you can claim it...


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