A Day in the Life of a Dropshipping Business Owner: Behind the Scenes (Episode 5)

 🗣️ In this episode of the Dropship Unlocked Podcast, hosts Lewis Smith and James Eardley take us behind the scenes of what it's like to run a dropshipping business.

They share insights into their daily routines, work schedules, and the tools and strategies they use to manage their businesses efficiently and effectively

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Links and Resources Mentioned:

 ➡️ - Dropship Unlocked free training on high-ticket dropshipping.

Books Mentioned 📚 

➡️ Deep Work - Cal Newport

➡️ The One Thing - Gary Keller


Topics Discussed:

In this video, successful dropshipping business owners discuss the importance of processes and automation in running an e-commerce business, emphasising the need to delegate tasks to team members and systems to free up time for more critical responsibilities. They also stress the significance of maintaining physical and mental health, setting clear goals and strategies, and mitigating risks when starting a business. They caution against fake gurus promoting get-rich-quick schemes and encourage seeking advice from trusted sources and communities like Dropship Unlocked to succeed in the e-commerce world.

00:00:00 In this section, James and Louis discuss what a typical day in the life of a dropshipping entrepreneur looks like. James explains that the success of a location independent or a semi-automated dropshipping business is knowing that it operates just as well without you as with you. He also mentions that he can still make sure his businesses are running with just a few hours a week, and how even with children his morning routine is a bit different now, but fulfilling. The episode goes on to discuss the tools and strategies that they recommend to run a dropshipping business effectively while focusing on the parts that one enjoys.
00:05:00 In this section of the video, the host interviews the guest and they discuss the typical day of a nine-to-five worker. The guest shares that his day at work was filled with a repetitive routine of commuting, work, and unwinding with a book, TV or video games after work. He felt that he wasn't achieving his potential and was keen to become an entrepreneur one day. The host also shared his experience, describing how his time was controlled by other people's priorities and how he felt guilty if he took a break. They both agreed that there was no clear boundary between work and break time.
00:10:00 In this section, James, a successful dropshipping business owner, describes his typical day and morning routine. He wakes up earlier than he used to when he had a nine-to-five job, spends half an hour on a morning routine that includes visualisation, goal setting, and gratitude, takes his dog for a walk, and comes back to his desk to start working on his most important task of the day for two to three hours. Afterward, he deals with less important tasks in the afternoon and goes to the gym around 4:30 or 5:00 pm. His new routine offers him more control and flexibility compared to his previous nine-to-five job.
00:15:00 In this section, the dropshipping business owner describes his daily routine, which starts with a morning run and planning the day's priorities, either at a home office or co-working space. He checks in with his team of VA's running his stores and takes a few calls throughout the day for his e-learning business, Dropship Unlocked, which helps aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs. Though he has young children, he values family first and has the freedom and flexibility to take them to school and pick them up, as well as plan extended work trips or mini-retirements like the upcoming month-long trip to Mexico. He emphasises the choice and freedom that running successful e-commerce businesses can provide, including the option to work just a few hours a week while making a steady profit.
00:20:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the importance of having processes and automation in place for a successful dropshipping business. They emphasise transitioning away from wanting total control to being able to delegate tasks to team members, virtual assistants, and systems. The speaker explains how they use tools like Asana and Loom to ensure everything runs efficiently, freeing up their time to focus on more critical tasks or even take time off while the business continues to run smoothly. They also stress the significance of maintaining physical and mental health, with exercise being a key factor in their success.
00:25:00 In this section, the hosts of the DSU podcast discuss the importance of physical and mental health in running a business. They recommend taking care of yourself by eating well, sleeping well, and using a planner or journal to track progress and set goals. They also discuss the importance of mitigating risks when starting a business, such as researching the market and understanding competition. They suggest using resources like their Dropship Unlocked program to navigate the path to getting a business up and running quickly and inexpensively compared to trying to do it on your own.
00:30:00 In this section, the hosts discuss the importance of having clear goals, strategies, and projections for finances when starting a business. They explain that by setting milestones, you can track progress towards specific goals, and if you don't meet any of them, that's okay as long as you have a plan to follow. They also discuss the fear of taking a risk and starting a business and point out that it's more risky not to start a business because it limits your upside potential and can lead to unfulfillment. The hosts then address a listener's question about how to identify fake gurus online and suggest looking for testimonials and reviews from people who have had success following their programs, as well as assessing whether the guru is doing what they claim to be doing themselves.
00:35:00 In this section, the business owners caution against fake gurus who promise overnight success or get-rich-quick schemes, as these are unrealistic and often lead to under-delivery. They stress that starting a business will always have its challenges, but with the support of a community like Dropship Unlocked, one can succeed. The business owners also emphasise the importance of doing background research and seeking advice from multiple sources before joining any program. Ultimately, one should trust their gut instinct and show up with a positive mindset to get the most out of any mentorship program.



Key Takeaways:

 ★ Starting a dropshipping business can provide you with the flexibility to design your day and set your own schedule.

 ★ Prioritising mental and physical health can help improve productivity and focus.

 ★ Effective team management and time management strategies can help businesses scale more efficiently. 


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