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By Lewis Smith - Dropship Unlocked


Hi everybody, hope you're doing well today. So if you're thinking about starting a drop shipping business, or perhaps you've already started a drop shipping business and you've got visitors to your website, you've run a few ads, but you're not making as many sales as you hoped you might. Then today, we're going to talk about exactly why that might be. Why people that are clicking your ads, come into your website and not buying, right? So if you don't know me by the way, I'm Lewis Smith.

And in today's episode, we're going to be talking about how you can start making sales from a drop shipping store. And the main thing that we're going to focus on is why people don't get as many sales as they picture to themselves getting when they went out to start one of these businesses, right? So before we get started with today's training, if you're really serious about this stuff and you want a real in depth on demand training, you can head over to and watch a full training there in much more detail.

So when it comes to starting one of these drop shipping businesses, and we all know that it's simple maths, right? You need to generate more profit from the sales that you make than you spend on ads. It's that simple. Otherwise, it's not really a business. You won't be around for long. But a huge question that holds people back is they say, "Well, I'm getting traffic to my website. Customers are clicking my ads. I've had loads of impressions on my ads, but I'm not making enough sales, or I'm not making any sales." And we hear this all the time. Clients come to us because they want to build a sustainable drop shipping business. They want to work with high quality suppliers, right? So they want to sell products that they can really be proud of and stand behind. And they want to sell products that are in demand, right?

So that they can eventually step back from the business and start to enjoy the lifestyle behind it a bit more. Because that's one of the big motivations for why a lot of people start these businesses, right? And so even though they have income to invest and they have a good budget set aside for running ads and getting their business up and running. And even though they're not particularly interested in this whole thing or the YouTube is at the moment. They're talking about, which is like sell cheap trending products from China and find the next hot winning product. They're not interested in that. They're willing to put the time in because they want to build a sustainable brand, right? One that's based on demand for the longterm, that's going to pay them over the next few years, right?

So they're often worried because maybe they tried it before and they ran ads and they didn't make any sales, right? So that's an understandable worry. And maybe they don't want to spend more on ads than they make in profits as we mentioned. That might be something that people do. You can generate sales, but it's so expensive to do so that you end up putting yourself out of business anyway, or it's not profitable. And sometimes they just aren't sure if they have the right strategy to do it. They're like which path do I go down? I'm not sure which route to go down and I get it, makes sense. I was exactly the same when I first started.

And I think you have to have that proven route. Otherwise, you're constantly second guessing yourself at every step and that's not particularly healthy for an entrepreneur. But here's the thing that I always say to them, right? Before you spend a penny on ads, I say to them that you must validate the market. You must validate both the market that you're selling to, but also the products that you're selling, right? So I say to them, "If you're going to sell these products, check first that they're in enough demand and figure out what's already being sold." Right?

So without knowing those two pieces of information, they're taking a huge risk by spending a single penny on ads, because in all likelihood, they're going to drive loads and loads of traffic to a website and then not make any sales. There's a particular story that this reminds me of. And I'll go into that in a moment. And before I forget, if you're interested in an on demand, free training, where we go into this in real detail, you can head over to and access that straight away there.

So yeah, it reminds me of a story. A couple of months ago, I was walking through London and I went past this busy train station, right? I walked past the entrance to this really busy train station. And there was a guy there. It was quite early in the morning and he was setting up this table stand, okay? He was outside the train station, had a tablecloth and was putting products on the table stand. And I noticed that they were homemade incense sticks, right? So those sticks that you burn and they make the room smell nice.

And so I thought, okay, fair enough. He's going to try his luck at selling those for the day. Now this was a really busy train station. So there was lots of traffic there. There were tons and tons of people walking past commuting. And I watched him. I was waiting to meet someone and I watched how he was going about it. And he was burning them, right? So he was lighting these incense sticks that he makes it home. And he was wafting them through the air trying to get people to come over to the stand and want to buy them. He was offering them out to people saying, "Hey, have a smell of this and see what you think."

But people weren't interested, right? Because people were commuting to work. People had the headphones in, they were walking along reading the paper. They're not interested in buying those types of products. So he was using all his energy to try to push products on traffic that wasn't particularly interested. And so he stood there all day doing this. And I actually went back later in the day, towards the evening and coincidentally saw him again. And this time he had lost all the energy that he had in the morning.

He was completely drained. He was freezing cold. And unfortunately still had a table full of the same product. So didn't look like sales had been particularly good for him that day, if he made any at all. And so my point is this, right? If you're trying to run ads to products that aren't in demand or the customers aren't interested in, then it's a bit like when you boost a post on Facebook, right? You're just sending it out to everyone that they think might be interested in these products by chance.

But the reality is, if the product isn't already in demand, if people aren't already interested in it, it doesn't matter how much you spend on ads. Does not matter how much you try to force a group of products on customers that aren't interested in them in the first place, right? And so if you're interested in taking a real look at how we validate those products and assess the level of demand before we build these drop shipping businesses, you can learn how to do that yourself by heading over to

So just to wrap it all up. What it comes down to really is the people trying to force unpopular products on a market are fighting an uphill battle. It's going to be hard work because you're going to be like the guy standing outside the station, trying to sell homemade incense sticks to a group of commuters that have no real interest in those products. And so it doesn't matter how many of them walk past. It was probably one of the busiest train stations in London. It doesn't matter. That's like going on one of these websites like Fiverr paying these ads you see that say, will send 1,000 qualified visitors to your website. Doesn't matter.

Does not matter how many people see it. If they're not the right people and the products aren't in demand. And there's other things like you've got to make sure the offer's right. The price has got to be right, et cetera. But you're going to be fighting an uphill battle with that. And what that equates to in the eCommerce world and dropshipping world is making no sales, right? So instead of doing that, if you can assess the demand first for a group of products, if you can select products based on demand, think about it that way, flip it, okay? And then you serve those products to the right audience that are not just interested, but they actually want to buy them, right? They're raising their hand and saying, "I want to buy these products."

And we talked about this in a recent video about search intent marketing, right? Where you're going to people who have commercial intent to buy the products. It's going to make the thing a whole lot easier for you. It's going to make it much more profitable because obviously those customers are already willing to buy. You know the products are in demand and it's going to make it a lot more enjoyable. And that's the most important thing. If you want to enjoy what you're doing, it's going to be much easier. Don't be like the guy standing out in the cold, trying to hustle up sales when you could just go to a market that already want those products, right?

So if you found this helpful today, feel free to please let me know in the comments or even give the video like if you've found it useful. And if you know anyone else that maybe is struggling with this kind of thing. Maybe they've started a drop shipping store, or they're thinking about it. Before they go down the path of trying to just buy ads and solve their problems with just getting more traffic to a website, maybe send this video to them. Share it with them, tag them in the comments because you might just save them a huge amount of frustration and you might save their business from driving into the ground, right?

So don't forget if you want to go deeper into this stuff, if you want the real in depth training because we really cover it in a lot more detail. You can head over to for the on demand free training. Get yourself registered for that and you can attend that. And so that's it for today really. Thanks everybody for joining and yeah, I appreciate you. We'll speak again soon.

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