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Lewis Smith is the founder of Dropship Unlocked, a leading e-commerce training company based in the United Kingdom.

Alongside running his own e-commerce dropshipping businesses, Lewis also helps UK entrepreneurs achieve lifestyles they love through businesses they can be proud of.


Lewis Smith - Founder of
Lewis Smith On Electric Scooter - Founder of

Hi, I’m Lewis.

This is the part where you might be expecting me to bore you with all of my achievements… But the truth is…

I’m 31 years old, I live in the UK with my wife, Becky and son Chester.

I enjoy cooking, running, travelling the world with friends

And... occasionally scooting around town.

But I’m guessing you didn't come here to watch me scoot...

In fact, you’re probably wondering,

"What does Lewis Smith know about dropshipping and is he worth my time and attention?"

But the truth is...

I might not be your cup of tea.

Here are 3 reasons why Dropship Unlocked might NOT be for you…

Dropship Unlocked Reason 1

Don’t work with us if you want to ‘get rich quick’.

Dropshipping gets a bad rep for chasing money, selling up and living big.

Burner stores selling cheap widgets.

Here today, gone tomorrow.

Can you generate sales this way?


Is it a long-term sustainable business you can rely on?


But if you’re just looking to make as much money as you can, as quickly as possible, by selling £2 trending products, without a thought for customer satisfaction.

Then we wish you good luck...

But we can’t help you with that.

We help our members create businesses that generate full-time income through just a handful of orders per day.

Happy customers.

Happy entrepreneurs.

Dropship Unlocked Reason 2

If you aren’t committed to investing in yourself, don’t work with us.

The great thing about dropshipping is that it doesn’t demand huge upfront costs, like buying stock or private labelling.

But someone once told me that in entrepreneurship, you should get the boat as close to the dock as possible before you make the leap.

Trying to start a business with nothing to invest is like jumping off a cruise ship a mile out to sea.

You can only swim so far…

If you’ve got nothing to invest, you’re jumping in without a life jacket.

We don’t put our clients in that position.

Dropship Unlocked Reason 3

Don’t work with us if you’re looking for shortcuts.

If you’re expecting to be an overnight success, we can’t help you with that.

Many of our members do see their businesses transformed overnight… but it’s nearly always preceded by months of hard graft and fine-tuning.

Think of business like fishing. We’re not here to serve you a fish supper that will feed you for just one day.

Instead, we teach you how to fish.

Cast your net and you can eat for a lifetime…

We won’t just hand you a supplier list or sell you the same old product directory.

This is a road map to success which you can then replicate as many times as you like.

We don’t want 100 members with 100 identical stores, all competing for the same customers.

That’s a race to the bottom.

Our members build businesses that can last a lifetime.

So, if you’re looking for shortcuts, we’re NOT right for you.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably a lot like me…

Here's My Story

Eat. Sleep. Work. REPEAT.

Got my first graduate job, which turned into seven years climbing the corporate ladder. Long days, longer commutes. Spinning in a hamster wheel.

A Glimpse Behind The Curtain.

Listened to an audio book about entrepreneurship. Discovered a whole new world of online business that I’d never heard of. Immediately got the itch for dropshipping.

Started a Side-Hustle.

Jumped straight in selling £15 products imported from China. Sold four - an overnight success.

Woke up to two chargebacks and one complaint – not quite what I had in mind. Realised I'd built a business I hated.

Invested In Myself

Decided not to reinvent the wheel. Spent the next few months saving up the money to join a good program about how to do it properly.

Did it work?


Was it everything I needed to do this in the UK?


Took The Leap

Quit my job with the freedom to run my own business from Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam and Bali with my wife. Living the dream, until…

I encountered all of the blind spots UK entrepreneurs face with dropshipping: VAT, ad spend, balancing the books, MAP pricing, UK legalities.

Any one of which can RUIN your business overnight.

Came Back From The Brink

Brought my business back from the edge of financial ruin. Learned every valuable lesson I know about UK dropshipping the HARD way. 

  If you’ve never seen a stressed entrepreneur – THIS is what it looks like.

Eventually It Worked.

After years of trial & error on how to do this in the UK market.

And all of the anxiety, fear and overwhelm that goes with it.

Something I’d never wish on anyone.


My businesses started to see real, consistent success.

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Here’s what others have to say about Dropship Unlocked:

Easily accessible, expert help
One of the key reasons I signed up for his course is the fact that Lewis is very accessible for expert help and advice through his twice-weekly FB calls. On a call today, he quickly answered a question that I’d been concerned with and at the same time he gave me other ideas and tips on how to go forwards with my online business. I’m very pleased with the course and looking forward to trade as soon as possible.
Fantastic Course
Lewis Smith has created a fantastic course that's always developing & moving with the times. Its very well structured & broken down so it's easy to work through at your own pace.
A fantastic program!
I'm only on week two of the course and I cannot recommend it enough. Lewis is articulate and a great mentor, clearly explaining each subject. The course is so in-depth, a clear step-by-step process. The twice-weekly Q&A sessions with James have been really helpful to listen to, although I haven't needed to ask a question as yet but I'm sure I will at some point, it's good to know the support is there if I come across any issues.
Comprehensive, simple to follow and well structured
This programme is brilliant. Each module provides content videos with supporting information like useful websites and potential pitfalls, explains why and how to go through each task logically. On top of that, any other questions you have can be answered by asking the Dropship Unlocked community or Lewis himself on the twice-weekly Q&A call. Highly recommend it if you are on the fence.
Amazing dropship ecommerce programme.
This is a good training. Well organised and they help you on your journey with commitment. Lewis is knowledgeable. It's a well-structured programme with helpful people who are open-minded to lift each other up. It's better to be prepared and be mentored and so I would say it's one of the best I have come across.
I'm on week 2 of the course and lov'n it!
I'm on week 2 of the programme and it's by far the best dropshipping programme I've ever been involved in! Lewis is a credit, and the Q&A's are very helpful. I urge anyone who is contemplating on venturing into the business to take action and join this amazing community of talented people! Ciao for now!
If you want to change your life for the…
If you want to change your life for the better and earn more from anywhere in the world, you can choose this programme without hesitation. Step by step, in simple language, you have everything from start to finish. You are never alone. Great support + huge knowledge dedicated to you. A life decision for me.
Everything you'll need
Have been a member of DSU for three months now, and I'm very satisfied with everything I've seen so far. The lesson modules delivered by Lewis & James are really clear and take you through a step-by-step process of setting up your business from scratch. Everything you need is there, even for a complete beginner. There are also excellent Q&A calls hosted twice a week by James that are super useful. James really knows his stuff. You won't leave those calls without getting your questions answered. There's also the community Facebook group full of really helpful and friendly people on the same journey who are more than willing to help each other out. I've had many questions answered in there too. I feel really confident that no matter what stumbling block I come up against, I can get unstuck within a matter of hours, sometimes minutes.
This program is gold
This programme is gold! I have been following the program for 2.5 months now, and I held from reviewing it until I have genuinely tested it and have seen results. I am now in my 2nd week of launching my store, and I am generating revenue every day. Well done on an extremely well-structured programme. It gives you everything you need to launch and run an online dropshipping business. It also has sections to deal with the psychological traps that many people fall into and end up quitting. I can not recommend it enough!
10/10 Programme - Would Definitely Recommend!
I was a complete beginner before signing up to this course with a degree in business management but no background in e-commerce. Three months into the course, I am already making sales. This is probably the most comprehensive course I have found. It teaches you everything from registering your business and finding the product you want to sell, to making your own website and advertising your products. On top of the course, there are also group calls that are extremely helpful where you can ask any question that you may have or are struggling with.
Best thing I decided to do this year
It is one of the best programmes I have done. I have learned a lot so far, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to start their own dropshipping business. There is a lot of good information given, as well as in-depth, step-by-step guidance. I am now ready to launch my store. I am so excited, and I know I would have never made it without this mentorship program! So happy and looking forward to seeing how far this can go.
What a great program
What a great program. I'm on week two and looking forward to launching my business. Attended the first Q and A session, and James was very knowledgeable and answered everyone's questions quickly and accurately. Great to be on board.
Great service
There is a massive amount of value in taking part in this program! It is just a fast and prompt way to start running through the obstacles of a digital entrepreneur run. So highly suggest this to anybody with the will and who wants to develop skills accordingly to succeed in the e-commerce business.
Excellent Programme, Great Team
My wife and I have recently joined the Dropship Unlocked programme, and the experience so far has been amazing. The access to the programme is smooth, with good communication along the way, and the team are very professional. Lewis is very knowledgeable and approachable, and I look forward to the rest of our journey.
Lewis Smith is a great positive guy who…
Lewis Smith is a great positive guy who delivers clear and consistent information to guide you in the right direction for the success of your business. The Dropship Unlocked Masterclass has been nothing but a positive journey and a great community to learn from. If you aren’t already a part of it, then join the team and see for yourself.
Highly recommended
I’ve been using Dropship Unlocked since May 2021. It has opened my eyes up to so much in terms of developing your own business and all the steps in order to create your online store from concept to running it day to day. What I was sceptical about was the initial fee, scam is what comes to mind. I couldn’t have been more wrong, the programme was so helpful, and the support from the team has been great. When I enrolled on the programme, I thought of it as doing a course to enhance my skills, but it’s turned out to be far better than that.
One of the best decisions of my life...
I have made one of the best decisions of my life by joining. In the space of 1 day, with the guidance and advice of Lewis Smith and the DU community, I've registered a business, set up a business account, found a niche, and look forward to following the steps to get my sales rolling in. Thanks to Lewis and ALL involved!
Dropship Unlocked - Great Programme!
Lewis's dropshipping programme is very detailed, and he explains every procedure very well. I am thoroughly enjoying the programme so far and would highly recommend it to anybody looking to get involved with dropshipping. Whether you are experienced or not, Dropship Unlocked is the way forward.
Absolutely great and easy to follow step by step program.
It gives you all the necessary information on how to start an online business from scratch. The community is great and helpful, as well as Q&A sessions with Lewis Smith, who can give you professional and up-to-date advice if you have any concerns. Highly recommended.
A comprehensive and professional program!
Lewis Smith has set this program up from the perspective of the beginner with no previous experience. Clear, thorough, methodically thought out instructions and processes as you go through each module. What has repeatedly caught my attention when proceeding through the program is the integrity of the business model approach that Lewis teaches, and for me, that is an essential core for longevity and business success. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering the dropshipping business concept but not knowing where to start.

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